the gossip goddess

well hey there simpletons, it's the gossip goddess here.

don't bother asking, i'm not telling you who i really am. though, i will let you in on a few secrets. i'm the number one source for all the academies hot gossip, who says it can't be fun to spread a little rumor every now and then? i see and hear almost everything that goes on in this place, so i'd watch your back. though, i need your help sometimes, if you see or hear anything feel free to send it in. don't worry, everything anon here so there will be no stabbing in the back. so, really you just need to watch out for everyone otherwise your secrets won't be secrets for long.

Isn’t that nice.

Satan and claws decided to go shopping together. How cute. I’d watch out though, if I were Quinn or Puck. Looks like everyone has their suspicions now.
gossip goddess xox

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